Atmos Transporter

Adverts for the Atmos Transporter Vaporizer emphasize that this is a true vaporizer, by which one can assume they are saying lots of other vaporizers are not. In their case, Atmos refers to their pen vape which is notorious for behaving like a pipe. They say it over and over so if you learn nothing else, one feature will come across clearly: the Transporter will vaporize your herbs, not burn them.

Atmos TransporterAtmos Transporter Vaporizer Review

The Transporter was released a little while ago, not long enough to have collected comments from consumers and reviewers, so you will have to go by their product description to decide its potential pros and cons. Early thoughts are promising.

Atmos refers to their ceramic oven in which herbs are protected against burning. The heating coil is embedded and does not directly touch any materials.

As with the Ascent, the bottom portion swivels out so as to reveal a chamber for dry herbs and to clean the chamber fully. Kits contain a mouthpiece cover for the rubber mouthpiece, a packing tool, brush, and charger.

Stealthy Vape

Handheld vaporizers frequently adopt the shape of some regular item like a phone or small radio. The Atmos Transporter resembles a whiskey flask, not a battery, and the battery is said to last up to 2 days. A scratch-resistant anodized finish should remain glossy even after many weeks of use.

Herb Capacity

Fill this device with lots of herbs and they heat up in about 45 seconds to create lots of vapor. You should be able to find it for about $165 from any one of numerous vendors. If you see it for more than that, you are paying too much. I have already seen a vendor charge nearly $200.

Inconsistent Atmos Reputation

Atmos has enjoyed a lot of success with their handheld vaporizers before. Even though many consumers find that their herbs burn when they use the RX, that model sells well and is frequently out of stock owing to its popularity.

Obviously, many customers’ herbs do not burn or they do but clients don’t mind. Either way, the company has made a great name for itself in the vaping industry which will influence the new customer’s approach to the Transporter.

Compare with Similar Items

Yes, there are machines the public has already reviewed extensively and which cost more money but produce excellent flavor and vapor. Certainly, there are tried examples in the handheld line you can trust. Yet, the Atmos Transporter has a lot going for it. The use of a ceramic oven is good news simply because ceramics create even heat. If in doubt, choose ceramics over stainless steel (and definitely in preference to plastic.)


When users explore this unit, they will comment on how easy it is to load, fill, clean, and re-charge. In the meantime, keep an eye out for comments regarding vapor smell and taste. Look for there to be no comments about tainted vapor from a welded airflow pathway (is it welded or laser-sealed?) Find out how resistant this device is to damage when dropped. Learn how often the user must recharge the battery and whether or not it comes out (I suspect not).

Final Words

Atmos has finally created a vapor pen that is going to change the way wary consumers view the brand. Since herbs and heating coil do not touch, burnt tasting vapor is no longer a problem. Design-wise, this is elegant and convincing. A close enough look reveals a rubber mouthpiece much more comfortable than the metal of a real flask. The Transporter has a rosy future to look forward to at first, and then consumers will have to wait and see what others who bought one early on have to say about vapor production, battery life, and flavor.