Atmos RX

Right now the atmosphere in vaporizing land is heady with the excitement of constant change and ongoing innovation. Batteries become more efficient and powerful. They hold their charge longer. Power units are designed to work with interchangeable atomizers for herbal and liquid vaping. Companies like Arizer and Vaporite are making both tabletop and portable devices while pen-style vapes are currently all the rage at under $100 each. Where does Atmos Raw fit into the blend of products?

Atmos VaporizersGet to Know the Atmos RX

If you have not already been introduced to the Atmos Raw, where have you been? Hardly anyone selling vaporizers can keep them in stock. They are small, affordable, and trendy. While not gaudily colorful, they are still appealing to the eye and similar in shape to electronic cigarettes of the eGo variety.

The Atmos Raw is carried by numerous online vendors, at B&M retail stores, and can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer. They are carried on eBay and Alibaba and knock-offs are making their dubious rounds. Prices swing wildly, so research the market fully before settling on a vendor.

In some respects their popularity is due to a lot of hype: this is not the best herbal vaporizer you can buy, but it does offer certain advantages over some models.

AtmosRX Review

For one thing, you should enjoy 50 or more draws on a single charge. That does not mean you can fill the chamber and experience that many hits before refilling, but your battery will hold out that long. Refilling a portable vaporizer is a constant task, and if you would add that it’s a nuisance, you should focus your attention on tabletop mods.

The Atmos uses a drop-in glass filter to prevent over-heating herbs. You open the chamber, drop in your well-ground herbs, tamp them lightly, then close the lid and get started. This is an easy-to-use model which all vapers could get the hang of in just minutes.

It also heats up to a maximum 400F, which is about as high as you need a vaporizer’s thermometer to reach. Heating takes just 10 seconds, although you can achieve a lower temperature by letting go sooner. Let go after 5 seconds and then try 7 seconds.

Find out how hot you like your vapor. Simply being able to achieve a lot of heat is no indication that you have to. Compare a vaporizer to a race car: being able to reach speeds of 180 mph sounds wonderful, but you wouldn’t want to burn rubber down the highway at a speed like that for obvious reasons.

A starter kit, in blue, black, or silver, contains the 8 parts of your vaporizer, a glass screen, mesh filter, loading tool, cleaning brush, and chargers. It also contains one extra screen. Buy the Atmos Raw from certain vendors and a grinder will be thrown in free of charge.

The Atmos RX has received lots of feedback from customers whose responses have been mixed. Nailing down its impression on the public is difficult and there is often middle-ground, not just a “love it or hate it” polarity.

Loving the Atmos RX

Customers who love the Atmos Raw say it is very user-friendly. Getting started poses no challenge. It is easy to load and attractive to look at. Concealing it is also easy. The cost is reasonable: around $170. There are cheaper items on the market, some of which do more and work better for less; others of which provide excellent quality for $30 extra. Think of the portable Firefly or the well-known Ascent, for instance: they are probably better purchases if you can afford to pay another $100 or so.

Yet, a number of clients find draws from the Atmos Raw particularly tasty. They love the quick heating speed. It can be used in all weather conditions without losing power and has proven an excellent alternative to smoking for many consumers. If you quit smoking with the help of a device, you are likely to be a loyal advocate.

Disliking the Atmos Raw

Among those who dislike the Atmos Raw, there are only a few who out-and-out hate it. Most people are caught between its good features, which they like, and the realities of its negative characteristics. The biggest, most fundamental problem of all is that of combustion.

Here is an essential point about vaporizers: they provide an alternative to smoking. Vaporizers heat materials to the point of creating vapor — materials which, when burned, cause damage to the respiratory system and also create second-hand smoke. In other words, while cigarettes are lit to be burned and each puff provides a lungful of toxins, vaporizers do not burn or create smoke and one inhales far fewer toxins this way.

To be using a device that is ostensibly designed to promote a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle only to have it burn herbs is an oxymoron. A glass screen was added to try and prevent this problem, but it created a second problem instead: the inability to create vapor.

While some consumers found a way to get around the issue, perhaps by setting the temperature to a lower value or using the screen, others found that the screen prevented full and proper operation of their vaporizer or, even with it, they ended up with burnt herbs which ruined every further draw by tainting the air pathway.

Thanks to this issue, another one arises: excessive heat. Some customers have discovered that burning herbs makes their device almost too hot to hold. Although a light, compact build is excellent for portability, there is not much insulation here.

Overall Impressions of the Atmos Raw

When you are set to pay almost $200 for a vaporizer, you should be getting something that does what it says it will do: create tasty vapor. If the Atmos Raw is to make it to your list of possible purchase, let them fix the problem of combustion first. Don’t be their guinea pig. Let the makers of Atmos Raw find a way to keep the benefits of rapid heating while also doing away with the drawbacks mentioned above.