30 Watt Box Mods

In the realm of vaping, the box mod is getting plenty of press lately. There is always innovation — new ways of presenting electronic vaping and also new designs which advance the cause of precise vaping by varying wattage under one’s own steam. The 30 watt box mod is one of those innovations: a technological advancement that has since been surpassed by 50, 100, and 150 watt box (and sometimes tube) mods. This is where it all started for vapers.

Internal Smart Chip

Each of these devices has been fitted with a chip not much bigger than a cream cracker and possibly thinner. These chips take commands from the consumer to increase or decrease wattage, then they adjust voltage automatically. They read the resistance of your coil so that the power values are safe and efficient and your device does not overheat. The higher wattage you want to use, the lower the resistance of your coil should be, so now, with higher wattage capacity, sub-ohm vaping is possible.

That little chip is also a protective device monitoring for resistance that is too low, voltage drop, and other typical causes for the death of a mod. In several mods this part can be upgraded.

Best 30 Watt Box Mod

Some of the contenders for the coveted “best of” position would be the Hana Modz, Opus, Cloupor, and VaporShark. All of these share the above elements which make them super efficient. They are generally threaded to accept 510 tanks so compatibility is rarely an issue.

A great thing about a box-shaped e cig is that, since any tank is going to be a cylinder attached to a box, the diameter of your atomizer is not an issue. It does not have to appear uniform against a battery of the same shape, which is what leads vapers to buy beauty rings. They will still have color choices and might want to coordinate tanks with their box mods. The standard variation is 7 to 30 watts. Enjoy sub-ohm vaping from a compact device.

Opus DNA 30

Available in blue or red, this box mod is a little different; not metallic-looking but similar to the E-LVT by Dovpo, at least in terms of the external material and texture. This sturdy machine measures just 3 inches by 1.5 inches by ¾ of an inch in depth, making it one of the slimmest such devices available. The display shows battery power, volts, and resistance. There is a USB charging port so you can charge this box mod without removing batteries.

Cloupor T6 Box Mod

Cloupor burst onto the scene in autumn 2013, introducing several sizes of box mod and a tube mod plus several tanks. The T6 is their box with an aluminum exterior and the shiny metallic appearance consumers have come to expect. Finished in one of several colors, this is also a variety one can coordinate with similar-colored tanks or colorless tanks with choices of top and bottom caps in various shades.

Dimensions are similar to those above: 3.1 inches by 2.1 inches by 1 inch: it’s deeper by a fraction of an inch. Use an 18650 battery to enjoy days of vaping without having to recharge. This will be a separate purchase and is not built in, but a USB charging port is still built into the Cloupor T6. It has a flush 510 connection, flush dome button, and a dust cover for the micro-USB charging port. Choose a coil rated 0.3 to 3.3 ohms.

VaporShark DNA 30

With a design by Florida’s VaporShark, this DNA 30 box mod is its own device: similar-looking yet not the same as the others. While a Cloupor costs around $100, this black beast goes for roughly $170. It uses a 1200-mAh battery and takes up very little room with its stealthy black box. Even vapers who would consider themselves merely intermediate find the VaporShark DNA 30 simple to operate to as low as 0.5 ohms.

Hana Modz Box Mod

These are not just designed in the US but made here too; a considerable benefit if you are trying to be a patriotic vaper. Choose the V3 or a miniature version in one of several vivid metallic shades. The battery comes out so you can replace it, and the Hana Modz costs around $200 in both sizes.