Just because some of the most famous mods are made in the Philippines and other Asian countries (Mojo’s Chi You and Vicious Ant, for instance) does not mean all mechanical e cig mods are manufactured in Asia. Tobh Mods are USA-made devices. A Tobh Atty is the best known device from the company. Take a look in this Tobh Mods review.

TobhMods.comFlexible and User-Friendly Tobh Atomizer

Adjusting airflow enables the user to change the temperature of his low resistance mod so it does not overheat, yet produces the highest heat one might desire short of combustion. On this dripping atomizer, airflow is easy to adjust.

With a dripping atomizer, the liquid is dripped a few drops at a time straight onto the coils. Consumers who like heavy clouds from thick vegetable glycerin juices frequently choose to vape with RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer). This ensures the heat remains directly on the coil.

Safe, Durable Materials

The Tobh Atty is made with copper contacts, copper being an excellent conductor and quality material. It is also made with medical-grade PEEK insulators to keep heat in and protect your hands from the heat at the same time. All parts, including the oxidized stainless black screws and red silicone o-rings, are made to withstand temperatures of up to 480F, which is plenty for vaporizing liquids but also quite hot.

Any sub-standard material would start to burn or release fumes. The heat would vaporize everything, tainting the material you were vaping with a plastic taste and smell, not to mention toxins that could cause sickness. Not the Tobh: it’s made with 303 Stainless Steel. Safety and hygiene are paramount in the construction of your mod.

Easy to Rebuild and Maintain

The Tobh Atty provides easy dripping access. It is also easy to get in and change the coil.Post holes are 0.05″ in diameter and allow four quad coils easily. Laser engraving digs deeply so that after a good polishing to keep your RDA looking its best, engravings stay deep. Each one is engraved “Tobh Atty,” Atty written in script font. You can clean this device thoroughly without ruining its looks or efficiency.

Costs of a Tobh Atty

When purchased wholesale, these are $80 units for a minimum of 10 at a time. There might be shipping on top of that. At online retail outlets, these should cost around $85 and shipping might be extra; at least that’s the standard price. Physical shops often markup goods. Remember: if you pay less, you are probably looking at a clone of the Tobh Atty, and there are plenty available. They are similar to the real thing but probably not made with the same standard of materials or quality of build.

Reviews for the Tobh Atty

Many Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers and other mods look a lot alike until you get close to them and see the quality of the metal and engraving. The Tobh is beautiful, particularly when you hold one in your hand. Consumers feel this is an excellent product which is why it is carried by a number of high-end retailers.

Just knowing how high the quality is you can see it is worth a lot of money. Although mod users can purchase a cheaper RDA, either a clone or an authentic Asian device, Americans trying to stick with local models will be gratified by this purchase. It works, it lasts, and it is highly customizable.