In general, when people refer to rebuildable mods, they are talking about RBAs and RDAs. These are atomizers attached to tanks (or with a well, as in the case of a dripping atomizer) you rebuild instead of throwing them out when you get dry hits or want to change the resistance. Cheap atomizers are attached to the tank they come with (or clearomizer, more correctly) so when the wick is dead or the tank gets scratched, atomizer and tank all go in the bin together.

With a rebuildable tank, the atomizer head comes off and can be replaced but the tube remains intact until it also needs to be thrown away. Mods, however, are even more complex. Hobbyists really like these as they require the vaper to become personally involved in the performance of his vaping device.

Meant for Rebuilding

While it might seem like you are playing with fire at first, an RBA was designed to be played with. You have to be careful and feel confident; some mistakes cannot be corrected and could lead to the purchase of a brand new RBA before your old one was really broken in. Rebuilding an atomizer requires wick, mesh, tools, and knowledge.

Where to Learn

Online, there are numerous forums and videos that provide detailed, patient, and sensible advice aimed at experienced vapers, yet vapers who require a slow and careful rundown of the steps. Alternatively, go to a vape shop and ask to be shown how to rebuild an atomizer.

Make sure the person who is showing you doesn’t just do it for you and hand it over. Some stores charge for this service or run workshops for a small fee. An even better option if possible is to ask a knowledgeable friend to provide one-on-one tuition.

What Types of Atomizers are Rebuildable?

Variety is huge and potentially expensive. Vicious Ant, SmokTech, Youde, and others have created devices with plenty more examples besides, but you can potentially pay as much for a rebuildable atomizer as you would for an iTaste 134. What makes a device so expensive? If it is a limited edition mod carefully engraved or made from special material (304 stainless steel, copper, brass, etc.), then it will cost you. There could be adjustable air holes.

Brands like EHPro, HCigar, and SmokTech make more an affordable rebuildable mod, and the first two also create clones of expensive ones. They look the same but are produced in tens of thousands, not just a few thousand.

RBAs look like heavy metal bolts that attach using special threading (usually 510/eGo) to compatible e cigs: mechanical mods, box mods, and some variable voltage cigs.


Many vapers are adamant that a rebuildable atomizer is more effective, efficient, and enjoyable than a throw-away one. They get more use out of them and can more specifically adjust RBAs to vape at low resistance and high voltage to produce excellent clouds. RBAs can also be coiled for sub-ohms and used with DNA mods.

If you can rebuild your own atomizer, then the price of replacing wicks and mesh, etc., is nothing like the cost of constantly taking out your cheap atomizer and putting in a new one.