Mechanical Mods

They are expensive and somewhat fiddly. Really good models are hard to find because they are often out of stock no matter where you look. The topic is mechanical e cig mods; mods for e cig snobs some might say, but that is a disputable point.

What is most pronounced about mods is their potential to create thicker clouds of vapor from the same e-liquid that only produces mists of vapor when vaped from a lesser-quality e cig. You could be vaping them one day when you understand better how electronic cigarettes parts work together.

Parts of a Mechanical Mod

Aspects of a mechanical mod that are typically listed by retailers and manufacturers are things like pins (fixed or unfixed), buttons, springs, coils, atomizers, and telescopic parts or different-sized tubes. A pin is what connects the battery to the atomizer and some of them are set in place. An adjustable pin lets the user change battery sizes.

Some items are activated using a spring-loaded button. Others utilize a magnetic button so as to do away with the problem of worn-out springs.

When springs on the former of these button types lose their flexibility, the whole unit can be replaced, and experience vapers can do that without help from professionals. Coils can also be replaced or you might use a system with dual coils. When in doubt, your local vape shop manager probably knows how to help and might run a service.

The atomizer is a big part of the mechanical mod, and a rebuildable version allows you to keep using parts that work but replacing ones that don’t and also lets you reset resistance, even to less than 1ohm.

What You Will Not Find

Circuitry and chips are absent from mechanical e cig mods. There are no tiny LED screens showing how many puffs you took. The atomizer runs directly off of the battery, but you cannot control the voltage unless you buy a kit. This allows vapers to set voltage, but the other way to enjoy this option is to own an electronic vaping mod like the Innokin iTaste MVP or JoyeTech eVic.

Essentially, a mod is the tube you put a battery or batteries into. Unless you buy a kit, it does not come with batteries.


An EHPro Caravela Black mod is indicative of the beauty associated with purely mechanical devices. A black middle portion is capped with brass at the bottom and top. For about $60, it accepts only 18350 batteries, while other versions of the same thing sold separately come in different sizes and accept other batteries. Contact switches are gold plated. Each item is serialized for authentication purposes.

The HCigar Templar Mod is stainless steel, including extension tubes to accommodate 18350, 18500, and 18650 batteries. It is 510-threaded for maximum convenience. The pin is adjustable to allow for changing battery sizes. It fires from the bottom.


It might surprise you that a high-quality RBA costs more than a starter kit for mini cigs. The Smoktech RSST atomizer features an adjustable air hole so you can alter the throat hit produced. It has mesh wicks, 510 threading, and a polycarbonate tube.

An AGA-T Plus RBA is not threaded along the top cap. You can adjust the air hole, however. The battery connector is sealed. An AGA-T Plus glistens with a chrome finish and the tube is made of polycarbonate: durable material.

Buying Mechanical Mods and Parts

A number of e cig retailers specialize in selling mechanical mods, sometimes from a single brand, but usually multiple brands and models. A few firms focus on authentic items and some choose to sell more affordable clones.

When they sell mods, retailers also sell parts, carefully choosing compatible bits and even making suggestions for items bought together. You will be assembling a kit of pieces such as a battery, atomizer, and charger, so retailers offer help when you make a decision about the vaporizer you want to purchase.

It is common to find the best ones are out of stock in spite of their price. Serious vapers are attracted to the quality and durability of $150 to $200 items engraved with beautiful logos and numbered to prove they were not knocked-off in a factory somewhere along with 100,000 of the same kind.