Aether Tech

Another company adds its name to the growing yet still small list of American e cig manufacturers competing with Asian mod and e cig manufacturers. Aether Tech is based in Los Angeles, California, where they have the equipment to build mods, rebuildable atomizers, and drip tips. Look them up and see what the company has been up to lately besides selling out of their limited edition products.

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At the Aether Tech workshop you will find lathes, mills, and fiber lasers installed so designers and engineers can keep a close eye on the manufacture of Aether Tech products by their machine operators and craftsmen. They don’t want to extend the supply chain which would also lead to losing control of the result.

Notorious VCO Mod

The biggest a mod usually gets is to the size of an 18650 battery tube, but the Notorious is amazingly compact. Ameravape Technologies thought their Manhattan was the smallest: Aether Tech came out with one that is fractionally smaller at 3.075″. It is made from aluminum with a brass hybrid top cap and magnetic bottom firing button.

You can probably find this for around $140 at Aether Tech but it is sold by authorized re-sellers where the fee tends to grow.

The Plume Veil RDA

Do you need a dripping atomizer for your high-vegetable glycerin juice? The Plume Veil produces excellent power and is solidly built for long-term use at sub-ohm levels. You will find this is a beautiful-looking yet reliable device for around $120. It features outward facing airflow, a deep well, and AFC derlin and comes into three sections. At 22 mm, this will sit just right on any 22-mm mod, and there are lots of those. Your Plume Veil will hold its own with any exotic mod.

Orchid Rebuildable Atomizer

This is a tank atomizer for filling, not dripping. The Orchid holds more than 4 ml of juice and has 4 wick channels. There is a larger chimney and 2 big air holes on this Russian-style tank atomizer with a recessed top cap and clear plastic tank. There is a dual terminal positive post and 2-part chimney on this excellent RBA. Customers are saying good things about the Orchid.

Also Drip Tips

As if their product line wasn’t good enough already, Aether Tech enters the drip tip market with their fancy, sturdy items. Most of these items are made from acrylic, rubber, or anodized aluminum, but Aether Tech builds theirs out of tougher stuff. That is why they are priced $16 each. Don’t lose yours down the inside of a coat pocket.

Aether Tech Summary

What is so great about a company being based in California? Lots of e cig businesses house their operations in a US state, but not many of them make their goods in the United States. Usually, products are designed here and shipped to China for manufacture before returning to America for distribution. Aether Tech is well prepared to take the business of manufacture into their own hands and they go one better by utilizing American materials as well.

As much as we love China for giving us the e cig, Americans like to see their own countrymen benefiting as fully as possible from the vaping industry from inception to design and creation to distribution. That is what you see happening at Aether Tech. As a result, customers can be sure that their products stay within sight of those who created them.