Best E Cig Juice

On this page we’ll be adding the best e-liquids we’ve vaped, and continually adding more findings. If you’ve just started looking into this, we understand if you’re feeling overwhelmed with an endless sea of vaping juices available.

We have some nice recommendations for you, of popular products, and will also be adding our favorites for the connoisseur looking for the best tasting juice.

If you’re new:

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What To Look For In E Cig Juice

It is a huge market, e cig juice: how does anyone pick a brand or a flavor? Even if you decide you are a tobacco guy or a custard-loving girl, that doesn’t narrow the field a whole lot. Several companies are well known for their top-notch tobacco flavors. Plenty of e juice companies have come along to compete with Grant’s Custard in recent years. There are plenty of questions to ask that will also help you pick and choose, but also ways to reduce the stress without taking too much control.

Order Sample Boxes

A method of placing decision-making into someone else’s hands is to sign up for monthly delivery of assorted e liquids from many vendors. Craft Vapery, Zamplebox, and others welcome subscriptions on a no-contract, monthly basis. Clients can have some say in what they wind up with but they ultimately receive bottles they had never thought of from companies they had never tried, at least sometimes. It’s a fun and surprising way to learn more about e liquid, even if only for a few months while you get your bearings.

The Price of Juice

E cig liquid is not going up in price generally. There are just a few companies that make it look like the costs have risen when in fact they are just over-charging. The average is around $0.65 to $0.70 per/ml for e liquid, reasonably but not cheaply priced. You can hit the 50 cents per/ml mark but those companies are hard to find, and shipping ups the price somewhat too.

Top-shelf liquids (Cosmic Fog, The Standard, Blueprint, and others) charge around $12 per 15-ml bottle. Once you start crossing that line, you have entered a field of obscenely-priced e juice. A company has to give you a really good reason to ask $1 per/ml, but there are organic juices and barrel-aged e liquids around which are truly exceptional. Many really good e liquids (Halo Purity, for instance) are far more reasonably priced.

Ratios of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin

Propylene glycol gives you throat hit while vegetable glycerin gives you vapor. A great juice usually balances these two at around the 50/50 mark, give or take 10% either way. In their uncertainty about propylene glycol, there is a sector of the public that refuses to vape PG at all, so many companies make and sell high-VG or VG-only e liquids (which they might water down so your atomizer can handle it). If you use an RDA, then all-VG is probably fine.

Do You Like Tank Cracking E Juice?

Pyrex tanks are more expensive and breakable than plastic, but they provide two advantages over polycarbonate. One is that glass does not impart any flavor onto the juice inside of it. Plastic does. The other advantage is that glass will not crack if it is filled with acidic e liquid (anise, cinnamon, and citrus flavors are notable mischief makers).

Dimensions of Flavor

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. If an e juice is cheap, its range of flavors might be extensive but one-dimensional. Strawberry is just strawberry. Chocolate is chocolate. There are no layers; no surprises. Like wine, however, a good variety of e juice is three-dimensional with a flavor on the exhale and one on the inhale and more besides.

This is where top-shelf juices get such a great reputation. They don’t usually bear a simple name because they are not simple flavors.

How to Find the Good Ones

If you are hunting for e juice, then here are two things you can do to find great liquid. One is to visit vapor lounges in your area. Don’t travel out of town because then if you find one you like, replacing the bottle will always require that you travel. Stay close to home or to work. Many vapor lounges encourage free tasting of multiple liquids when you visit, but bring your device just in case they do not provide disposable tips.

Another method is to read reviews online. Look at what types of devices reviewers are using to see if they are close to the type of e cig you vape with. Listen to comments about vapor production, throat hit, and aftertaste. Find out if the apple vape from a vendor is meant to represent baked apple, fresh apple, or apple candies. Learn if a caramel vape has nutty undertones. Investigate the sort of coffee supposedly represented in an e liquid: strong, black java, coffee with milk and sugar, or a nutty but mild roast.

Whatever brand you are trying, someone else has probably tried it first and is prepared to share his or her views online. If a juice is untried and you do not feel like being a guinea pig, wait a while. There is no need to be the first when so many other types of e liquid already garner applause and have even won awards from Spinfuel.