Vamo V5 Review

Read any Vamo V5 review and, for the most part, you will learn why this is a popular advanced mod. It is easy to use, incorporating the best aspects of previous models while eschewing unsuccessful elements.

It is a VV/VW APV, so overlook it if you have never vaped before. The most advanced model for you to try is a basic eGo. Users of eGo and eVod e cigs who think they are ready for the next stage can rely on the Vamo V5 to give them great big clouds of vapor.

Vamo Controls

The device looks slick with a tiny horizontal screen. If your vision is a little poor or you need reading glasses, get ready to lift your spectacles up and down to bring the numbers into focus. This is always going to plague older vapers: no APV is big enough to support a large screen. The blue OLED is gentle on the eyes though.

You use buttons to control voltage or wattage and to read features like battery power and resistance.

High-Tech Protection

Like most modern mods, the V5 protects your battery against dangers which used to ruin an expensive model. These problems included too much or too little current and too low resistance.

Battery Compatibility

Use an 18650 or 18350. A Vamo V5 is not telescopic, but by screwing an extension tube onto your equipment, you can switch to the smaller battery. Expect the device to look and feel long compared with some of the stealth models around.

APV Pricing

Usually a device like this costs anything from $50 to $70, so the price — about $55 from discount e-tailers — is very good. This only includes the Vamo V5 though, without batteries, cartridges, atomizers, or liquid. Fortunately, the model is well-loved and sold by lots of companies so starter kits have been created for customer convenience. These help newcomers to APVs get started.