KGO E Cig Review

KGO might not be a catchword in the e cig industry, but their models of eGo style cigs are pleasing to the eye, the wallet, and the palate. When a client buys one, he sticks with it. This is the sort of easy-to-use model which naturally follows a cigalike.

The Riva Electronic Cigarette

A KGO E Cig review will frequently end up looking at the Riva, their best know model. It is an 1100mAh eGo with pass-through functionality. The best tanks for these are CE4 cartridges, apparently, and these are easy to come by. A kit for the Riva comes with 2 cones (which are just aesthetic additions), 2 atomizers, 2 batteries, and six cartridges. E-tailers are selling the kit for about $40.

Compatible, Affordable Model

KGOs eGo cigs are usually compatible with other eGo and 510 threaded tanks, so you are not limited to buying their clearomizers. Their 1100mAh battery typically handles up to 350 charges. It is known for lasting a full day or more on a single charge. A convenience like this allows consumers to hunt for the best prices on quality tanks without necessarily buying KGO products.

Pleasing Presentation

Packaging from KGO is impressive. The gift box which comes with a kit is elegant and organized so that the items inside do not move around. Each piece has its own space in a foam insert and is individually wrapped.

Online Information

Refilling the tanks is easily done: if you are unsure, just tap into one of the many internet tutorials on Youtube and e-tailer sites. There are also over 100s of reviews of KGO products, including chats on e cig forums which share authentic stories of pleased customers.

From these one can also glean where to buy KGO, including physical shops and kiosks. Helpful retailers will also spend time showing you how to operate your machine, replacing atomizers, and so on.