Kanger E-Smart E Cig Review

Kanger is a reliable, affordable name in electronic cigarette products. They have created numerous products consumers rely on, including the Kanger e-Smart e Cig.

Kanger Availability

There are many examples of this product featured on internet electronic cigarette shopping sites and sold at vaping stores. Finding a Kanger e-Smart e Cig review is as easy as browsing one of these sites. Most of them list their products by brand, so see if they sell anything by Kanger. It seems that 90% of them do if they sell hardware and tanks.

The Product

This is an early level e cig, a step-up from cigalikes. With its 320mAh, 133mm battery, it is quite a bit longer than a V2 Cig or a South Beach Smoke, so not inconspicuous. There is the tank, too, which gives it that unique eGo profile you have probably seen many times before.

In fact, this looks a lot like an eGo, and one site says it is made with the same threading. Kanger’s home site indicates that the threading is 808D. Mostly, though, it is compatible straight up or using an adaptor with loads of batteries.

Starter Kit

The part of this Kanger set you are most concerned with is probably the battery, but atomizers and tanks are an important part of your vaping experience. A poorly chosen atty leaves your juice lacking. The wrong tank affects flavor. This is a good tank with a great atty. Expect to enjoy up to 400 puffs from it and a full day of vaping from the battery.

The starter kit arrives with two batteries, two cartomizers, a USB charger, and an AC adaptor. It is widely sold and there is plenty of stock to go around. Remember, though, that popular products sell out occasionally. Go from one site to another to compare prices for this kit and to check on stock. It is an affordable unit for beginners and graduates from mini e cigs.