Joyetech eMode Review

The Joyetech eMode shares some things in common with the eVic, including software compatibility. The eVic has received many rave reviews. What can customers take away from a Joyetech eMode review?

Flooding Problems

Filling the eMode with liquid is not the same task as you are used to with other variable voltage mods. Instead of liquid going into the tank, it surrounds the atomizer, so the inlet is different and very precise.

Is this why many consumers find their eMode floods?

Reading the instructions with this model is highly important. Having the atomizer surrounded with liquid prevents vaping when juice runs too low, which can cause the unit to burn. It also means you have to refill it sooner. A clear window shows how much juice is left.


While the eVic looked more like futuristic hardware, this model resembles a typical ecig “pen,” if a little bigger than a cigalike. The mouthpiece gives away the fact that this is not a beginner’s device.

Setting Air Intake

You can actually adjust air intake so as to change how hard you have to draw on the vapor. This can only be done using a screwdriver, so users cannot accidentally change settings. A C2 atomizer head is recommended with 2.4ohms of resistance. Consumers get loads of vapor from their eMode.

Interesting Software Component

Hook up to the computer and take a look at your vaping history. The software is visually stunning, showing details in chart and graph formats. Joyetech’s eMode features a 360-degree control ring for setting voltage, etc.

High Price, Good Value

Like the eVic, an eMode is not cheap. It is built to last, however: light, but not flimsy. Expect to pay around $120 for one of these. Whether or not this seems like a good price will depend on how fiddly it seems when you use it and try to fill the atomizer properly.