Joyetech eGo-CC Review

You would have to look hard to find a brand of e cig as well represented in vaping land as Joyetech. Customers shop for devices directly on the Joyetech website without having to be wholesale clients. The brand is also sold on many vaping e-tailer catalogues. Sometimes they sell a tank or individual parts. Pieces for a Joyetech eGo-CC are easy to find, well-liked, and affordable.

Two Formats

The eGo CC is available as a 1000mAh or 650mAh device, for intermediate vapers and consumers starting to ramp up their vaping performance. The two colors are black and silver. Although the tank is not clear, there is a window on the side showing how much juice is left in your tank, which has a slightly larger capacity than the usual eGo tank.

Five Parts

The Joyetech eGo CC comes apart into five independent sections. The mouthpiece is attached to an atomizer tube, followed by a head cap, head, and base. According to Joyetech, the head is most important for producing powerful vapor from its ceramic insides. Parts can be changed when they stop working so you do not have to replace an entire unit, at least not in one go.

Leak Protection

Joyetech has looked after the leakage issue many vapers face by providing a top air inlet. This has been proven generally effective in spite of the fact that the mouthpiece comes off, rather than forming a single piece with the tube.

Buying the eGo CC

Find the Joyetech eGo CC electronic cigarette at your favorite vaping store if they carry it, online or in the shop, or go directly to the Joyetech shopping page for your country. The name is global. Joyetech have made sure their name has spread around the world by selling starter kits with chargers and e liquid for about $50. This is a very good price for a reliable brand.