Halo Cigs Triton Review

Halo Cigs are doing the business, keeping vapers vaping and away from cigs. Many users of Halo Triton are graduates of their G6 e cigs, but these are completely different. Triton uses the same juice and comes from the same company, but as this quick review would help point out, a Triton is a much more satisfying product.

This is a tank system, not a cartridge system. How does this matter? It matters plenty, because everything changes. Batteries are bigger. Tank capacity is greater. Together, this means you vape for longer and the vapor you produce is thicker. Sure, a lot of brands get this wrong and make you long for a cigarette, but not Halo. Their Triton starter kit gets high marks because it is a great product.

Halo Cigs Triton Kit

Forget having to choose between an express, standard, or ultimate starter kit, etc: there is one and only one. That kit is customized by the consumer who selects color (one of 11) and flavor. There are plenty of those in tobacco, menthol, and gourmet tastes. The gourmet flavors are Kringle’s Curse, Belgian Cocoa, Shamrock, Twisted Java, and Café Mocha.

Returning to the color of your unit, the LED light matches your shade of green, blue, etc. These are vivid metallic shades which catch the light and plenty of attention. If you vape with these in public, no one will mistake you for a law breaker.

A kit for $64.99 contains 2 tanks, a cone, a carry case, and two batteries — 400mAh and 650mAh, respectively. They should last you a day or more of vaping on a full charge. That means roughly an equivalent number of puffs as battery value.

Like most e cigs, Triton parts are not designed to last forever. You will need new tanks and batteries from time to time. Halo sells these individually, meaning you will not have to buy a new starter kit to obtain parts.