The E-Cig Ban in Wales?

Wales may soon ban ecigs which is the first time that has happened in the United Kingdom. This move is being largely criticized for being groundless but the law may still pass and forbid the use of ecigs in public places and office places. Many experts are of the opinion that this will push struggling vapers over the edge and may result in conversion to tobacco cigarettes. Even though ecigs are not as healthy as they were made to appear, they are still worlds better than traditional cigarettes and soon this advantage will be lost because of the upcoming ban. Officials that are pushing the ban to pass are doing so on the premises that ecigs have re-normalized a dangerous activity and given people the illusion that they can get away with tobacco and nicotine consumption.

The various vapor cigarette brands across the globe will not be happy if Wales bans e-cigs.

Officials in Wales do not recognize the so-called benefits that come with ecigs as they view smoking on any level to be a harmful and socially unacceptable activity that must be stopped and not encouraged through the provision of alternatives. Not to mention that newer research has shown the vast harmful effects of nicotine liquid which is a common ingredient in e-liquid cartridges that are used in ecigs. They also believe that the law is being undermined by the use of ecigs. Most public places and eating places ban tobacco usage and ecigs have been undermining that law even though they pose the risk of thirdhand smoke.

Some people argue that e-cig cartridge flavors are a gateway to kids.  I argue against that saying that vodka does the same thing!

There is also an air of conservatism which may not allow the trend of smoking ecigs to last. The authorities at work in England have spent far too much time and energy to make sure that people understand that smoking is a shameful activity and in no way does it make anyone more desirable. It is also believed that people that try vaping may be tempted into smoking tobacco cigarettes later on as it slowly begins to seem more and more acceptable to them. The cure is then to nip the evil in the bud before it spreads onto the more vulnerable members of society such as the teenagers who are easily influenced by bogus claims.

The electronic cigarette sales are projected to be around 2 billion globally this year. Personal vaporizers like the Vapor Brothers Hands Free Vaporizer are leading the growth curve.

Can You Save Money With E-Cigs?

It is true that electronic cigarettes are one of the fastest selling electronic devices in the world. These devices are battery operated and can be bought online. The difference between electronic cigarettes and regular cigarettes is that the former offers numerous benefits to smokers. Electronic cigarettes contain liquid nicotine which when heated produces vapors. These devices are considered to be one of the safest alternatives of regular cigarettes as they do not contain a plethora of harmful chemicals such as tar.

Electronic cigarettes are designed to mimic a real cigarette. They look like a sleek pen which can be used anywhere, even in places where smoking is not allowed. This is because an electronic cigarette is ash free and produces no smell. One of the biggest advantages of using an electronic cigarette is that this device can help you save cash. The following are some facts about electronic cigarette.

1. As electronic cigarettes can be used in public places you don’t have to worry about paying fines and penalties. This enables you to save money.

2. In the long run, electronic cigarettes turn out to be cheaper than regular cigarettes as you don’t have to buy a new device every month.

3. Research proves that electronic cigarettes have no effect on health. Hence, these devices help you save sufficient money which would have otherwise been spent on clearing medical bills.

4. These days you can find various different types of electronic cigarettes. The prices of these devices vary according to the type and manufacturer. Hence, if you do some research you can find an inexpensive device.

5. Numerous manufacturers offer free shipping and money back guarantees incase if the device malfunctions.

E-cigarettes are a great way to save cash. Moreover, apart from saving cash, these devices also enable smokers to quit smoking, and start getting their nicotine through an e-cig or one of the top vaporizers.

Different Kinds of Vaping

There are different kinds of advanced personal vaporizers, with some you do not have to us any cartridges and you can vape by simply dripping some E-liquid on the coil of your atomizer, usually one to four drops would do the trick, just directly drip the desired number of drops on the coil, some coils are exposed and some are not exposed, if the coil is exposed than you can simply dip the coil in the liquid for a few seconds, this method will produce about one cigarette’s worth of puffs. If the coil is not exposed than you can drip one to four drops of E-liquid on the coil. People prefer different vaporizes, many prefer the vaporizers with the coils exposed because of its simplicity but in any case both are convenient and easy to use.

Is it safe to do this?

Safety is usually covered by the FDA, but in this case, we’re talking about advanced users of vaping.

Cartridges that have the material (filler) detached have comfortable mouth pieces so many people do this and prefer it as many atomizers come with a vacant mouth piece. The mouth piece has no filler material or stuffing and can be easily used in “dripping”. While some prefer mouthpieces some do not, many electronic cigarette users will “tail pipe”, and tail piping is basically smoking directly from the end of the atomizer. It should be noted that the atomizer can get very hot and it can be dangerous, a hot atomizer can burn your lips and tongue. So smoking and electronic cigarette with and empty cartridge or without a mouth piece can potentially be unsafe.

What will happen to my automatic battery?

It is important to know that if the E-liquid gets in contact with the battery it can make the battery useless, the liquid usually goes in the hole on the center, since it is pressure activated sometimes the liquid gets inside the hole while inhaling and once the liquid goes inside the battery there is a potential of a battery malfunction.  One battery that is not automatic, but rather manual, is the Halo Cigs Triton battery.  Made in many different colors, this battery is an absolute BEAST.

For the best vape possible, check out the VaporZone personal vaporizers.

Electronic Cigarettes : The New Wave of Smoking

Electronic Cigarette R & D

The e-cig has come a long, long way.

Tobacco smoking is now easily replaceable by electronic cigarettes that do not contain tar. A new way of smoking has been introduced for smokers and has achieved an amazing success rate. The best thing about these new fashionable cigarettes is the fact that they taste almost same as regular cigarettes. An electronic device that has an exact look of a traditional cigarette satisfying oral fixation, gives smokers authentic nicotine hit as soon as he inhales the vapor. This vapor is created through a process that takes place inside the e-cigarette with the help of atomizer; an intelligent piece of machinery affixed within the device. It is basically a cartridge that contains nicotine in liquid form, which takes the shape of a vapor when the heating process starts. Whenever the smoker takes a puff of the e-cigarette, the cartridge or atomizer takes it as a signal to start up the heating process giving him the same sensation of smoking.

You may want to check out the latest mods on this page:

One thing that makes electronic cigarettes extremely attractive is the fact that they are legal anywhere and everywhere; yes, you read it correct, they can be enjoyed even in the non smoking areas. The reason for this is that e-cigarettes do not produce smoke or ash and are free of tobacco, tar and carbon monoxide that make it safe not just for the smoker himself but also for people around and the environment. Researches by various commissions and authorities, including New Zealand Health Department and Boston University, prove that electronic cigarettes do not harm the human body as they do not contain any cancer causing toxins. And this is not the only benefits electronic smoking has to offer, they also save money as compared to traditional smoking. Their cost efficiency and almost same taste has helped these new cigarettes gain a lot of popularity in a short span of time.

As the e-cigs continue to evolve into more powerful products like powerful vaporizers, the industry continues to grow.  I’ll always be here providing up to the minute news and e-cig reviews so you can follow along from wherever you are.

Best E-Cigarettes Reviewed | Electronic Cigarette Reviews 2014

If you are looking for the best best price e-cigarette that really resembles the traditional marketing you are accustomed to seeing with tobacco, you have to try Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes.  Their brand has carved out a reputation for making e-cigs that really work and that really click with consumers looking for something very close to the ‘real thing’ – only in a vapor device.

They offer a starter kit that ranks up there with the best of them for only $29, because they know you’ll like their brand and customer service so much that you’ll be back for cartridges and other accessories.

The Most Popular Brands Right Now…

Here’s some reviews of my top picks. When I tried an estimated over 500 electronic cigarette brands and models of e-cigarettes, and shared them with my peers, the most popular brands were Vapor FiV2 CigsGreen Smoke and Bull Smoke.  

V2 Cigs and Green Smoke sell more traditional products that look and feel like cigarettes – so there really is no learning curve.

VaporFi’s line includes more of a high-powered, off-the-wall, yet incredibly effective device that uses refillable vials of e-liquid.  It’s really a personal preference as to which device is for you, but in case you need more information I’ve provided more information below on each brand.


About VaporFi

An advantage you get with Vapor Fi’s electronic cigarettes is the style of their products. The Air is an unusual, compact shape. A Rebel is beastly while the Jet is agile. Pro systems can be adapted to become Variable Voltage devices. All of these items possess a modern, minimalist, sophisticated style.

VaporFi BannerQuick Review

These guys have all the bases covered, with everything under the sun in the world of vaping, and all products are made by them, as many shops with this level of product sell products from other companies.

They also keep it simple with six starter kits: Express (smokeless cigarette), Air, Jet, Pulse, Rebel, and Pro.

Buy Online:

Here’s The Pro Starter Kit (the most popular kit)

VaporZone Pro Kit

The Skinny on Batteries

Their batteries are mostly all upgraded eGo style, which is clearly the wave of the future of vaping.

For the Express, these are $19.99 each. You can order a standard or high-capacity battery, the latter available as a manual or automatic device.

There are three possible Pro batteries: a 650, 1000, and variable voltage 1000mAh power supply. This is not including 10 color choices for 1 and 2 (VV batteries come in black only). Prices are $24.99, $27.99, and $29.99 respectively.

Air Batteries, black only, are $24.99 and give you just 350mAh. Jet Batteries, again only in black, carry 650mAh, are 85mm long, capable of voltage variation, and have a digital screen. This shows battery percentage and puffs. It costs $39.99.

The Pulse is cheaper: $29.99, but with more power (750mAh) but not possessing variable voltage. They come in black.

Rebel batteries are $14.99 or $17.99, but that is just for a big battery. The control tube costs extra.

Chargers are specific to particular batteries as well.

A Pulse battery fits with multiple cartridges in the Vapor Zone line. Use it with the Pro-L, Pro XL, a Tank carto, Premium Carto, Platinum, Titan Dual-Head, or the Clear.

Tanks, etc.

This is the crux of Vapor Zone’s products, and they have a few tank variations, just the right amount really. When you shop for tanks, clearos, and refillable cartomizers, you can choose your juice. When you do, Vapor Zone carries everything a creative vaper could dream of.

Official Site:

Use our Vapor Fi discount here for hardware purchases




V2 Cigs

This brand has something for everyone for non-advanced e-cigs.  A huge variety of battery lengths, colors, sizes, and specs.  They have a huge roster of 0% (nicotine free) to 2.4% (full flavor, big throat hit) e-cigarette cartridges, and a massive selection of accessories.  Even in the competitive 2014 landscape, they remain the best brand of e-cigs for sale, without a doubt in my mind.

Here’s Their Ultimate Starter Kit:

V2 Ultimate E-Cig Kit

They also reveal seasonal exotic flavors like Cinnamon, Grape, Pumpkin Spice, and many more.  There is always something new in the development pipeline at V2.

  • Price:  5 stars.  They have the cheapest refill cartridge prices, which is where you’ll spend the bulk of your money.
  • Flavor:  5 stars.  Each flavor (I’ve tried them all) replicates what they were going for and is “spot on.”
  • Durability:  5 stars.  I’ve never had issues with V2 battery life or power.  They are simply the best.
  • Style:  5 stars.  So many options to choose from, especially with the new EX batteries, which are a game changer.
  • Vapor Production: 5 stars.  read the V2 Cigs review, it explains how the vapor seems thicker than other e-cigs, its just on another level.

I have yet to meet one person I’ve turned on to V2 Cigs that has decided to stop using it in favor of another brand.  That’s a testament to how good they really work.  

Check out their product line at their website:


V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide


Here’s a video from the company:



About Green Smoke

These guys are a very solid company, with excellent quality products, and are renowned for their great customer service.

They have excellent flavors, and their e-cig batteries are of the longest lasting batteries out there. It is a unique product with their flavors, and they also have the thickest vapor of all the standard sized electronic cigarettes we have tested, and some of the longest lasting cartridges.

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to possibly transition to e-cigs from analogues to see if these are for you.

Here is the Green Smoke Ultimate Kit, which has everything you need:

Green Smoke Ultimate Kit

Buy Online:

Use one of our Green Smoke coupons on this page for extra savings!

Here’s a video from the company:


On another note, the parent company of V2 also owns Vapor Couture, which is a slimmer, more feminine e-cig for the ladies.  It has top of the line packaging and super high end accessories for that sophisticated woman who loves vapor cigarette smoking.

Since I’ve dedicated such a substantial website reviewing e cigarettes, many brands have approached me in regards to advertising.  I do this as a hobby and a way to give back knowledge on these devices, so instead, what I allow the many brands to do is send me current coupon codes.

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